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Throughout the years, DAELIM has developed into an automotive parts manufacturing company
that values integrity and trust. We are now gearing toward the global market in order to become
the world’s No. 1 in aluminum die casting. The company has grown through its partnership
with the first suppliers of HYUNDAI•KIA MOTORS and Renault Samsung Motors. Furthermore,
we strive to become a global firm by expanding our business area to the U.S., Japan, and China.

DAELIM aims to establish a one-step manufacturing line, specialized technologies, and a stable supply chain.

This system allows DAELIM to manage the whole
manufacturing process of mold designing, cast
manufacturing, prototype verification, melting/casting,
processing, wrapping, inspection, and delivery with only
one written order, and then deliver the products to
where the client wants. The QCD line can minimize the
client’s workload and actively reflect their request on the
manufacturing process. This is possible as DAELIM handles
the entire process from mold designing to manufacturing and delivery.

DAELIM has set up its unique production system with high quality, high efficiency, and high productivity by adopting special technologies in die casting and squeeze casting based on our 30 years of technical expertise in auto parts die-casting.
DAELIM operates its warehouses and sales offices near the client companies in the U.S., Japan, and China. The purpose is to minimize any possible damage from natural disasters and transportation accidents. This stable supply chain has met the clients’ expectation and satisfaction.