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CNC M/C, Electric Injection Machine, NC EDM, Die Spotting Press

  • • Knowledge of mold design and molding
  • • On-time delivery and excellent maintenance
  • • Efficient management through the use of standardized molding parts
  • • Design of the gate and runner while considering the optimal charging pattern
  • • Remove possible problems in mass production by carrying out several injection tests after making the molds
  • • Optimization technology for the molding process and design in consideration of complex shapes and assembly of
  • • Manufacture strong molds that fit into mass production and adopt an optimal molding structure to save the cycle time
  • High-speed Cutting Machine

  • Injection

  • CNC Milling

  • Die Spotting Press

  • Mold Assembly

  • Milling

High-Speed Cutting Machine

Process the reflector on a high-speed CNC milling machine (faster than 20,000 rpm) and satisfy the surface reliability by comparatively verifying 3D data, and finally conducting the 3D measurement

NC12 Machine

• the NC processing machine to meet the needs for mold
   making and complicated structures.
• Manufacturer: Japanese firm OKK
• Maximum processing scope: 2140 * 1260 * 900 mm
• Maximum processing weight: 8,000 kg
• Maximum processing spindle: 12,000 rpm

Double-head Discharger

This machine was introduced in order to reduce the production time and improve product quality by securing our own capability of discharge processing for which we depended partially on other companies.

3D Measuring Machine

• Manufacturer: U.S. firm Sheffield
• Scope: 900 * 900 * 700 mm
• Maximum Weight: 2000 kg
• Functions
  3D manual and automatic measurement
  3D modeling after the automatic scanning of the product
  Automatic measurement of errors between the product and
  3D data